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Radio Commercials

Radio Commercial by Latreille’s Advertising & Talent

Put us to work for you on your next radio spot.  We offer 60 second commercials custom made for your business. From voice to sound effects, music, jingles and more, creative spots from Latreille’s will open doors and get your message heard.

Radio spots and Client Jingles;

Freeway Sports Center

Freeway Sports Center – Sweetwater Yamaha

Grand Blanc Motor Cars

GBM021710R – Shoppin Indoors(new mix)

Ray C’s Harley-Davidson

RA031913R – Customer Appreciation 13

Hodges Subaru

HS050313R – Birds Radio 13

Panda Water Ice

Panda(kid mix) 5-30

Reed’s Appliance Store

Reed’s 60 Second Jingle

Sterling Heights Dodge

SHD 30 Second Jingle

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